Growing a Bonsai is an ancient art that was practiced in the olden times especially in Japan and China. Initially, it was seen as a medicinal herb and has the same genes a normal plant has. The point is how do they remain a dwarf if they are normal seeds that gradually grow into a plant. The interesting fact about these is they require regular trimming to remain miniature and elegant. Now, you’ll be happy to know that they produce fruits too! 


It is now time to sow some seeds. Such miniatures are becoming a trend that enhance the indoor beauty and the small fruits are too cute when one sees them ripening. But these little fruity gnomes require a lot of patience and a periodical ‘take care’ touch because of the climatic conditions, which proves to be a major factor in India. There are certain bonsai fruits which can easily be grown but some can not, despite endless efforts due to the weather. The most popular ones are apples, cherry, grapes and oranges and these are grown on a wide scale in our country. The benefit of having bonsais at home is that there’s no need to step out from the house when fresh fruits are smiling at you indoors. This concept became frequent in many countries because it bears citrus fruits as well as flowers complimenting each other. Moreover, the subtle fragrance is re-freshening. It is not necessary to grow it indoors, outdoors is a good option too. Grape vine usually grows outside. Whether it is a backyard garden or the balcony, make a suitable spot to keep the pot. Also, there’s a strong need to make sure that the bonsai isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.


The soil, like always, remains a necessity to hold the roots of any plant. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity regarding this. Consult a botanist before making the right selection. Pruning is a must and it maintains the health of the soil. Watering the ‘growing child’ should be limited or the base of the soil can get loose which harms it. Now, you might be surprised to know that not all the bonsai fruits are grown here. As mentioned earlier the weather conditions play a major role in the germination. Monsoons and the summers are two seasons when the bonsai fruits are prone to worms and wasps. Keep an eye on it always. In the colder countries, only the seasonal fruits are grown, in this case we’re lucky. Through this, anyone can make a small garden of fruits by raising these ‘fruity gnomes’ at home. Try it out folks.