Come summer and all go in for short hair, styles that can be effortlessly  maintained, hair that can be washed daily and conditioned easily. For what it is worth, temperature rises to insane levels in India up to a maximum of 49 degrees. Who cares for long sticky sweaty and messy hair in that kind of heat?

Our idols, the world’s heartthrobs also are seen keeping short hairstyles during this weather that take minimum maintenance and are high on the chic quotient. Some of them are here so see for yourself.



On the other hand Laura Carmichael’s straw coloured hair is done so simply but looks so chic! Side parting, hair ironed and bonded falling straight on both sides of the face-neat is what we call it.



Michelle Dockery sports a loose curls, step cut in short hair parted at the sides for a casual yet dressed up look that goes for all formal and informal occasions. Clever girl!



Sophie McShera has hair that is mid length, falling below the shoulders. Dark coffee coloured complementing her fair round face she curled them at the ends and with a mid parting wore them in style with a flaming red lipstick to complete the look. Her dimples are an added USP.