Hey guys, another month for the new gadgets. Many entrants have landed in the market to grab the attention of the people and this time it’s not about the smart phones. There is a lot more than these smarties in the world of gadgets and even apps giving an ease. So let’s break the cell phone monotony and check out the new eye candies that will make the jaws drop.



Levitating speaker
Can you make a guess what next is going to levitate in the air? C’mon, just a wild guess, no? Drilling everyone’s heads, the levitating speakers will take the music to another level by floating in the air! Having an illuminating band around it, this gravity defying orb is a piece of art crafted beautifully to perfection. It spins and levitates 10 mm above the base and is designed with the next-gen dynamic stabilization which indicates the floating and spinning. Without any kinds of distortion or noise, this glowing ball freely can spin while playing the soundtracks. futuristic indeed!



Smart locks
Now this is something people never knew about. Phones-okay, watches-okay, TV and fridge-alright but locks too! Isn’t it astonishing? Why should the ‘protectors’ stay untouched, so here they are in a new avatar with a highly encrypted technology all set to safeguard your home. Its mechanism works on biometric system. The keys got replaced with the codes, so carrying them manually is not a need if you install such locks. They don’t require any extra bam-bam of hammers for fitting, installation is easy. Don’t wait and give the lock a makeover.



Tourism applications
Summer holidays are here and most people have already planned for the vacation-spots. Many will agree that travelling along with family in the train doubles up the fun of the journey. But getting a booking done is a problem, either you need to stand in a queue and wait for your turn or book it from home where site crash is a common problem. Chill, here’s Trainman, an app that advises on travel-related decisions and tracks the initial and final status of a waitlisted ticket, the number of days and the date of journey. TravelKhana, another app which has tied up with IRCTC for e-catering delivers scrumptious meals in a jiffy once an order is placed on the app. That’s what you call convenience in hand.



Wireless earphones
Here’s another ‘hideous’ gadget for the people. There isn’t any special change but a simple one that makes this gadget special and this time you’re absolutely right, its wireless. World’s first completely wireless and smart earphones offer the freedom of movement, maximum comfort and amazing sound every time. They just need to be connected to the handset via blue tooth and it is done simply like that. The biggest perk of these earphones is that they do not get tangled and are water proof. The designs vary according to the price list, so get a pair now.