There’s no need to visit a bar or a club every time to throw back the neat and colored shots unless you’re planning to throw a big party. You can become a bartender yourself at your own place and for that you just need some martini glasses, ice and the ‘lady in demand’. Be a good host and don’t forget to include the cocktail snacks as the guests will love to grub them. Cheers.


Yellow Bird

Guys, it is time for some juice because too much alcohol is harmful. Chill, we’ll do the cheating. Quietly follow and help to prepare rum flavored juice. Take a can of orange juice and Bacardi light rum and mix them well. You can add slices of pineapple too. Pour the ice cubes and sip it, you did quite a good job…bartender.



That sounds slithery interesting. For a snake bite you don’t require a snake because there is something more that will give chills. Cocktails have really weird names and this is one of them. Also, the best thing of making a cocktail is that they’re pocket friendly when made at home. Similarly for this one, all that you need is whiskey, most probably Blender’s Pride, and lime juice. As usual, keeping the amount of whiskey higher, mix it with lime juice and shake well. Pour them in the glass and add ice cubes, sip it while listening to your favourite song.



Cinco Herradura
Told you, there are many weird names to come across. This one sounds like a Mexican Lucha wrestler. To prepare the drink you need 50 ml silver tequila, cranberry juice, liquid soda and a little sugar for rimming the glass. You know what to do, take it and start. Add soda and sugar in a small amount for rimming the glass. Now get down with the silver tequila and add cranberry juice to it. Keep in mind that tequila hits early so keep a nominal amount which you can carry. Enjoy the drink.


Blue Lagoon
Turquoise in shade and tropical looks, this classic American drink is popular and ‘refreshing’ for the booze lovers. Vodka is the key ingredient in this so none other than 50 ml of Smirnoff will be the right choice. You need lemonade too for adding a flavor, take it 100 ml with blue Curacao and begin with the game. Take a glass and add some lemonade, introduce the vodka and stir them thoroughly so that they can play well. Keep the amount of alcohol higher and add cubes of ice. Take up the martini glass and enjoy.