Men love women the most but what if someone whispers into your ear that men are very conscious about their hair (those on head bro) and the way of styling. Don’t get surprised because it is a truth. Everyone tries to experiment with the hairstyle they carry and even you did it in your teens. Hair are a part of our personality and they can talk to the world if styled properly. The nerds have vanished and the newbies are taking up. Even the celebs are donning these and giving their personal touch. Take a look at the trendy hairstyles and get one for yourself too.


Dread Locks
Alright, this has its place in the list guys. Though it’s hard to make but looks cool once done with. This kind of style suits the best on Africans and undoubtedly they look dashing with these dreads. Well, the procedure seems to be messy by its name so we’ll call it natural knits. The right method requires patience with a helping hand so that every individual strand gets its place or in other words, it’s the interlocking of hair strands. When done once, tie them like a braid and forget. They’ll grow and place themselves accordingly.



Man Bun
Now this is something funky and needs patience. A hipster’s way of fashion, man bun is something which is popular among all and nowadays everyone is carrying it, whether the popular celeb or the boy next door. So finally it comes with an excuse of not meeting with the barber for at least eight months! All you need is to grow the hair long enough, say eight inches long, till you can grab a perfect ponytail. Tie them up and place either on the top or towards the back. There’s nothing special to do for the style, proper care for hair is needed to be a funky monkey.



Faux Hawk
Mohawk isn’t the modification of hair but it can be modified too! The guys who want a similar look but wish to keep the intensity in check, the faux hawk cut is there for you. It has found its way into the spotlight after being the chosen style of many famous faces. In this, the hair on the sides is cut too short without shaving. The clippers take over to trim hair in the centre while keeping the length long. Once this is done, use a gel and run your hand through the hair and lift or spike them up. This versatile look will surely define the virility.


Side faded Pompadour

It is considered as one of the hottest modern hairstyles which is seen on almost every head these days. It provides a yankee look. Worn on either side, hair is swept up slightly towards the back whereas the other side hair is trimmed to fade. Make sure that hair is thick enough. It is the most flexible style and suits all kind of face shapes.