What are the essentials that highlight the standard of lifestyle including the ‘ladies in demand’? Alright, this time the wonder-women will be meeting with the ‘ladies in demand’. After all, why should boys have all the fun?


The Mojito Beer

Hola, let’s begin with a decent drink. A refreshing and naughty rum flavored Mojito, yeah right. The quirkiness can’t be missed ladies, so for all this you just need a few mint leaves, a shaker, one bottle of rum, ice cubes and some soda. Get ready, time starts in 3…2…1 aaanndd go. Take the shaker and add 3 ml of rum with soda and ice. Shake and then pour into the glass. That’s it dear, add the mint leaves and sip on the drink.


Colored Vodka shots

What about some colors in your vodka ladies? It would be fun gulping a neat colorful shot of vodka in a single go. This lady wants her demands to be fulfilled so you need a bottle of vodka, blue, green and red flavor gelatin powder. Take a pitcher and add the choice with boiling water, shake it till the powder dissolves. Add 3 ice cubes which will cool it down at the room temperature and gulp those shots.


Corona Beer Cocktail

The Mexican beer brand which is popular among the flirts, corona cocktail is one of the best a lady can have. It is soothing and doesn’t make one go round. So for the drink you need your favourite juice and the beer you know, right. As easy as drinking water, its prep is easy too. Take a glass and fill it half with juice and half with the chilling lady. Add ice cubes and enjoy a perfect drink in the summers.


Irish Redhead Whiskey

Irish drinks are said to be the classy ones but this drink ain’t Irish, ha-ha-ha. This got its name from an Irish bar-tender with hair red and she wasn’t Lucille Ball playing any prank. This drink is a strong contender and has a potential to give an instant trip so to reduce it, lemon juice is always required. Add 3 ml whiskey and soda mixed with water then stir it. Pour the lemon juice, give a nice shake to it and sip on.