Throughout the ages, the dog has been a truthful and compassionate companion, life-saver and protector for us. The Dog is tamed globally and is the only mammal who loves its owner more than itself. Diligence, smartness and activeness are in its genes. These four legged creatures will neither complain nor demand anything from their owners. Stress completely washes away when your dog welcomes you at home by wagging its tail and expressing the immense happiness on seeing you after a long day. The eyes of a dog are the most faithful and loyal.


Dogs are very talented and are famous for making the best contribution for providing security at home. What if someone says that the canines have been great guards for the nation too? Perhaps, some may wonder but the fact is that they’ve been serving the armed forces from very a long time. They mainly serve as the sniffers in the army and other forces because of their skill of identifying the objects quickly. German shepherd and the Labrador breeds are always chosen to serve the forces as these are very intelligent and easy to be trained. Their training makes them more disciplined and obedient and they don’t even move a muscle unless the trainer commands. They are given a proper treatment and a diet because they aren’t a canine but a soldier on four legs assisting others. Many dogs have laid their lives to save the lives of others. Rex, a golden Labrador served the Indian army till the last breath. He tracked down militants from over 3 kms and managed to recover the ammunition. He sustained intestinal injuries after a fall and passed away. Another canine from the same breed named Zanjeer played a notable role in detection of the bombs in 1993 Mumbai blasts. He detected the hidden explosives and rifles and when he succumbed to death, he was buried with full state honors. There are innumerable things dogs can do and one of the most miraculous abilities demonstrate is of a medical assistance dog. They can be trained to communicate with their handlers in various ways. Some develop their own ways of communicating with their handlers, like refusing to let them leave the house or even refusing to let them stand up. They’re trained to assist their handlers with medical crises and posses the ability to detect the problems before they occur and the necessary actions to be taken. Moreover, they can see what you cannot see and can detect natural calamities too. For the blinds, dogs are trained and lead the visually impaired people helping them on daily basis.
On the other hand, doggies have been the show-stoppers and acted in a number of movies, displaying a bond of love between a human and an animal. Every movie had a canine buddy who was more than just a family member. A film like ‘Hachiko’ is based on a true story and tells about such a dog Hachiko who became an attraction to the people at the railway station he waited at for his master and they fed him daily. Every year on April 8, Hachiko’s devotion is honored with a solemn ceremony of remembrance at Tokyo’s Shibuya railroad station. Hundreds of dog lovers often turn out to honor his memory and loyalty. Even the popular dog cartoon characters are Scooby Doo and Courage the cowardly dog.