Shubhangi rose to fame with her serials Kasturi and Do hanson ka joda. Once again she is all set to tickle the ribs of everyone as she takes up as the adorably cute Angoori bhabhi in Bhabi ji ghar par hain. Prateek Sharma catches up with the lady for a candid chat.



1. Can you talk about landing into the role of your first show? Did you do anything special to show you would be perfect for it?
My innocence did it all, I never prepared for anything special. For my first show Kasturi, it was my talent which made me land in the show. I had interest in classical dance and learnt Bharatnatyam but always wanted to be an actress.
2. You are famous and loved by all your viewers and fans. What Shubhangi would have been if she had never entered the world of television?
(Laughs) I did my B.Sc and then cleared the entrance of MBA in the very first attempt (laughs again). But my focus was towards acting and I always wanted to do it.
3. Once again, you replaced Shilpa Shinde in ‘Bhabi ji ghar par hain’. What were your feelings when you learnt
about it?
It was just a co-incidence. As an actress, I just look out for good roles, like people saw me in Kasturi and Do Hanson ka Joda. Moreover, I had never worked with SAB and that too in a comedy show, so it was a nice opportunity. The character of Angoori is bubbly and everyone adores her, so I never thought that I’m replacing someone. I was like a blank answer-sheet, this was my feeling.
4. You’ve been acting from quite some time, which was the most challenging role?
Since I’m an actress, every role was challenging for me. Especially my negative role in Havan made me nervous that will the viewers accept it? But the channel remained very co-operating and since my fans adore me, everything went smoothly.
5. What was the turning point of your life?
The turning point came after my marriage. My husband is very cooperating and a wonderful man. I was brought up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and hail from a Brahmin family, so you can understand what kind of situations parents wanted. Post marriage, my husband supported me a lot in this field.
6. Any plans for the big screen? With whom do you wish to work?
I would love to work with everyone. They all have their own charisma and charm and there’s a lot to be learnt from them. If I get an appropriate role then without a thought I will go for it.
7. Any personal ambitions yet to be achieved? I mean directing or producing?
Yes, there’s a lot to be achieved in life. An artist always gives his blood and sweat and works hard to achieve their goals. Similarly, I have to do lots and lots of work and it will be a long journey for me.
8. Last but not the least, what would you like to say for the readers and your fans?
For all of them I’ll just say that please watch Bhabi ji ghar par hain. The show has a great concept and the way people have loved Angoori, keep loving her in the same way and sahi pakde hain will continue to be a part of the character.
9. That’s amazing. Thanks a lot Shubhangi for talking to us and best of luck to you for the future.
Thank you Prateek.