How does it feel when you visit a lounge? Of course it sets the mood because a lounge is a perfect place for throwing parties,  dancing on the foot tapping beats and treating the taste buds. But there’s something more that always grabs attention-the furniture. Come and take a look with Prateek Sharma if you too want the same in your home.

nce again your assumption is right, it’s the furniture that always attracts the eye balls. But what’s lounge furniture exactly? This question rises frequently in the mind. It’s just an ordinary wood carved out extremely well and the decals are added later, just like a skinny person who transforms into a muscular and attractive guy after hitting the gym. The look changes completely once the ‘new members’ are introduced. It’s time for you to take a check in the living room. Say hi to Greenie, the parrot, who will guide you for selecting and arranging the furniture. He’s an expert so listen to his advice.
The room is slightly bigger than the other rooms and everyone keeps it well organized. It has perfect space for installing the furniture that makes it come alive. Choose furniture that will make your living room have an exciting look. The sofas and chairs are the prominent ones here. It is a yes to the same color and fabric of the upholstered pieces. Select the right sizes and make sure your selections aren’t oversized else they’ll restrict the movement inside. Most often, televisions are the focal point in a living room and that’s normal. If you do not have a flat-panel TV that is very sleek, concealing it by placing it inside a cabinet is a better option. Now only one thing is left and that’s making the move. Greenie says go for it and you’ll fetch appreciation soon.

The backyard garden is a wonderful place to keep furniture. Greenie advises that keeping the armchairs will make the garden more beautiful but, keeping too many should be avoided. A pair or two is enough with a small table and it’s done. If you want then place the couch but do not combine it with the chairs else it will occupy the open space.
Hmm, thinking about the bedroom? The chaise chairs are the perfect to fit in here. Beds, well they can be just called extension of the fancy couches and none would prefer to snore on a couch for long hours and waking up with a back ache. Let us take Greenie’s advice. Take in a pair of fully reclining chaise chairs and combine them together. Such chairs are soft, comfortable and adjustable. That’s it, a new bed is ready with a new look to your bedroom.