Present scenario of a party portrays a good crowd, scrumptious food, foot tapping music and the ‘ladies in demand.’ Everyone wants to meet and enjoy with them. The moment they enter into the homes made of glass, everybody turn their heads to take a glance at them. Their figure is eye catching and some people are attracted by their glamorous bodies. You guessed it right. The ladies are the glam bottles of alcohol. The beauty of these ladies is irresistibly tempting and they want to kiss your lips. Before anyone tastes the drink, they stare at the unique bottle and praise it. That’s why the alcohol manufacturers bring out the most exclusive and sometimes wackiest bottles. For all the collectors, here we present the stunning and pleasing sought after liquor bottles that money can buy.  


Pumpkin Face Rum

A pumpkin is not just a stout vegetable clown that is crafted during the Halloween. If someone is more creative than that it’s none other than the PF rum manufacturer. The company Pumpkin Face has used the veggie as the face of their liquor bottle which makes an eye to eye contact but doesn’t taste like it. Rumoween time bestie because the grownups won’t ask for any candies, and it seems legit.


Precious Vodka
Whoa! It seems only the vodkas claim the crown of the ‘beauty pageant’. As it goes by the name-Precious, both the drink and the bottle stand tall. This will prove to be the ‘best-friend’ of women. Alright, you’re having the best clue and if diamond was a guess then bingo, absolutely right. This bottle is worth keeping and will surely work out when you propose to your love. Truly, a diamond is ‘Precious’.


Louis XIII Black Pearl Remy Martin
Remy Martin, the famous French champagne brand that has maintained the status and its class from the day it was born. This brand has an exclusive style of packaging their black pearl and has used baccarat dark crystal to make the decanters. This is a happy hug for the collectors because only 786 bottles have been circulated all across the globe each with a different code. So, are you among the lucky ones?