S(he) Be(lie)ve(d)- Ditched hearts.

“I called you at that time and your number was busy, with whom were you talking? “And so many questions that tend to make the love birds fight and make a split. Text by Prateek Sharma.

Overdose is injurious to health so is doubting too much. Do you know even your pet dog shouldn’t be bothered while he’s enjoying his feast. If one does, one surely will end up bitten badly (and later on anti-rabies injected into the body by the doctor). When you enter in a new relationship with that special person who increased your heart beat or the heart skipped a beat (heart skipped a beat! Okay, no comments here) everything seems to be lovely. As a matter of fact, within a span of six months the love birds who were earlier singing the song of love, start the chirping of little fights and the reason is well known. Cheating and doubting, on which side your partner is sliding from your point of view? Check it.


1. How satisfied you consider that you partner is with this relationship?
a. How would I know? We never talked about this EVER.
b. Umm, 6 on 10. There’s a slump.
c. We’re satisfied. Not perfect, but ours is quite close.
2. Ever felt that your partner is talking to his/her ex?
a. Nope, he/she never looked back.
b. Yes, they reside in the same neighborhood.
c. Can’t say.
3. Your partner hangs out with his/her friend circle that includes his/her ex partner. Are you comfortable?
a. Not at all. I’ll be insecure.
b. It doesn’t matter that to that extent. Other pals are there too.
c. Confused.
4. Has your partner ever received texts/calls from unknown numbers at night?
a. If received then never answered.
b. No texts/calls.
c. I’m not aware.
5. When was the last time you both spent a nice time together?
a. A couple of days ago.
b. It’s been a month.
c. I really cannot recall.
6. Does he/she ever leave his/her cell phone to you?
a. Yeah, there’s nothing to hide.
b. No.
c. He/she always keeps it with him/her self.
7. If you found your partner roaming with a male/female friend, your assumption would be-
a. She/he is his/her cousin.
b. Alright, could be a friend.
c. I smell something fishy.
8. It’s your partner’s birthday and many of his/her friends are females/males. While dancing on the dance floor you will-
a. Stick to your partner and dance with him/her as you do not want a touch of a foreign hand.
b. Dance along with his/her friends and enjoy.
c. Pull him/her out when he/she is grooving with a male/female friend.
9. Have ever felt ignored by your partner?
a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe
10. Does it make you happy when you both are together, lost in each other’s eyes?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe
Do keep a slight check, don’t be pokey. Your heart may get plunged out by someone. Check out your score card now.
If As- Relax, your mate loves you truly. There’s nothing to worry.
If Bs- Well my friend, it is a thin thread that is making up a space. Pull up your socks before the thread starts turning into a fabric.
If Cs- Game over. There’s nothing left now, still if your heart insists then make a fresh start, give it another shot.