We are born in the country the soil of which has a rich and an exotic heritage. In all four directions one sees two things common. First is taking pride on seeing the tricolor flying high and the second is having a mesmerizing heritage. There is a lot more to India than the beaches and amusement parks that are waiting for you to visit. Even UNESCO couldn’t resist itself from marking the diverse beauty of India. Pack your bags and explore these amazing places with Prateek Sharma. 


Amer fort
The land of the royals of Rajasthan defines the word heritage at its best. The colors of the royal land are undeniable. The Amer fort, which was the residence of the Rajput maharajas, is now a famous heritage site plus a tourist spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. Located on a high hill 11 kms away from the Pink city, the fort spreads over 4 square kilometers and is overlooked by the Maota Lake which remains a major source of supply of water to the fort. The scriptures and the aesthetic ambiance of the palace are seen within its walls that display beautiful skills of the craftsmen of that period. The fort has four huge courtyards each with carved pillars and a garden the sight of which rejuvenates the eyes. In short, the architecture is amazing enough to tell the world that India is producing engineers from quite a long time.


Group of monuments at Hampi
Apart from Rajnikant, the southern part of the country has Hampi as a heritage site and it holds the entire history of the Tuluva dynasty, which ruled in the 15th century. The grandiose site of Hampi comprises mainly the remnants of the capital city of Vijayanagara Empire, the last great Hindu Kingdom which was ruled by king Krishnadeva Raya. The sophistication of the varied urban, royal and sacred systems is evident from more than 1600 surviving remains that include forts, riverside features, royal and sacred complexes, temples, shrines, pillared halls, mandapas, memorial structures, gateways, defense check posts and stables which are mostly in a semi-ruined state now.


Sun temple
“Sun temple is in Konark”- this was the answer we all gave during the general knowledge tests. The temple structure when seen carefully seems to be an enormous chariot of Sun God with the wheels, stones and pillars carved out beautifully. Every pillar and stone of the complex compliments the skills of the craftsperson of that period and is a place worth seeing.


Basilica of Bom Jesus
Goa isn’t only famous for its beaches and ‘hard’ parties but it has its fame also due to the churches and the cathedrals people visit from other countries. Basilica of Bom Jesus, a church more than 400 years old, is famous throughout the Roman Catholic world and is the only church in India dedicated to infant Jesus. It also holds the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier. The place has emerged as a landmark in the history of Christianity where the sacred relics of the saint are resting in a glass-sided coffin and mysteriously hasn’t decomposed till date! This magnificent edifice stands as a superb example of Baroque architecture in Goa.


Valley of Flowers
Yes, the name says all about it. Located in the western Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand, valley of flowers is a beautiful spot that gives a heavenly calmness to an individual. There are flowers everywhere and a mixed fragrance in the air. If you’re thinking that there are no animals, think again. This place has a certain number of endangered species like the blue sheep, flying squirrel and more.


Kaziranga national park
Bet on a thousand bucks that a wildlife sanctuary is far better than a zoo and they’ll be yours. There’s a whole lot of difference one feels when step in through the doors of a sanctuary because there you can see the beasts swaggering freely. Kaziranga sanctuary with amazing flora and fauna is an interesting place to pay a visit. This place is the home for the one horned rhinoceros and tigers along with 35 mammalian species. All the prominent sightings throughout the sanctuary are shown by the transportation facilities provided by the administration. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the sanctuary and had a nice time with the animals during their tour of India.