The one who said “Small is beautiful” wasn’t wrong at all! Today we take a trip to the world’s smallest countries. They are small but no less beautiful. Sit tight and enjoy the tour. 



St. Kitts And Nevis- These two islands which are the mother colony of West Indies are located in the Caribbean and are some of the finest islands occupied by Europeans.



Malta- Malta is all in 300 sq kms and comprises three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. Located in the Mediterranean Sea it is a republic.



Grenada- With an area of 34.4 sq kms it is an island nation in the Caribbean and is called the island of spices.



Liechtenstein- This is the only nation in the world to be completely located in the Alps without an airport. It is a German speaking country with an area of 160 sq kms, needless to add, scenic and amazingly beautiful. It is the largest producer of nutmeg and mace.



Nauru- With the area of 21 sq kms only this island nation was quite famous for phosphate mining in the 1980s. It is in the east of Australia and is off the radar for quite some now, a place quiet and serene.



Tuvalu- Tuvalu of just 26 sq kms area was actually a British territory. It became independent in 1978. It is to the west of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.