So we partied with enough booze. It was vivacious but honestly, it would be monotonous and costly if thrown every time. After all, a shift of flavor is a must for everybody and you must have the pocket for enjoying the hotness. Let’s enjoy in the heat by sipping the delicious and healthy smoothies. 


Banana Blueberry Smoothie

Another yummy and easy to make smoothie that you’ll surely love. It makes no special demands, just one ripe banana and a cup of frozen blueberries with yoghurt. Do the same you did previously, blending, mixing and whipping of ingredients together and then serve. That’s a treat for a healthy you. Enjoy!



Creamy Mango Smoothie

Mango-the king of fruits is also the king of the taste-buds of many. People adore grubbing this fruit. If you are among the mango lovers then try this luscious smoothie. Take 2 chopped mangoes, 2 cups of cold milk, 1 cup of plain yogurt and some vanilla extract. The referee blows the whistle and the wrestlers begin to wrestle. The mango chunks takeover the yoghurt whereas cold milk is thrashing everyone. The vanilla extract is hiding beneath them, take the spoon and push it into the match. Within 5 minutes all the contenders will drop dead. Pour them out in a glass and add ice cubes for their relaxation. Enjoy it.



Strawberry Smoothie

Everything turns to wild pink when strawberry smoothie comes in mind, mama-mia. It’s a refreshing party treat prepared instantly. For the preparation you must have 10-12 fresh strawberries, a cup of fresh milk, half cup yoghurt and some ice cubes. In a blender, add the strawberries with yoghurt and make them dance ferociously for 2 minutes. Keep a check by stirring a spoon in it which will ensure nothing is stuck. Add crushed ice if the mixture becomes too slushy. Now, add some milk that will maintain the consistency of the mixture from becoming thick. You may add the left over chopped strawberries. Pour it in the glass and enjoy.



Oreo Smoothie

Everybody’s all time favourite. Even the POTUS will not deny this. The best perks are shouts that it is preferred by all, unlike the other fruity ones which everyone doesn’t wish to sip. Moreover, its flavor will never lose its consistency. Take a packet of Oreo cookies, a cup of whipped cream, 1 full glass of cold milk and some chocolate chips. Break the cookies and add Chocó chips to them. In a bowl, pour the whipped cream and stir for a while. Add the chocolate stuff to it and without forming layers, stir well and slowly, keep adding milk. Put it in the fridge and serve cool, well done.