Represented by the icon of the Charminar, Hyderabad the capital of two states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, is dotted with luminous fashion markets. It is a shopper’s paradise for more reasons than one. Not only does it have happening shopping places for clothes, apparel and dresses, it also offers great spots for accessories as bangles, pearls and bags along with great food. So explore the city of the Nizam to your heart’s content with Aarttee Kaul Dhar and you shall be pleasantly surprised. 

It is said that culture has it’s beginning in the streets. And it is to the streets that we ought to go to when we have to be truly social. For there in the bazaars are people in the flesh and the exchanges are more than just monetary, they’re also cultural. Let us explore some street markets of Hyderabad:

Laad Bazaar

Running west from the Charminar, this market is a delight for girls! It is famous for its sparkling and colourful bangle shops. Lac bangles, made from a resinous insect secretion and encrusted with colourful beads or stones, are a Hyderabad specialty. In this market, you’ll also find other desirable items as perfumes, wedding hats, fabric and embellishment for clothes, such as at the famous lace-edging shop RR Kasat. It is a street packed with shops selling perfumes, textiles and jewellery. The historic market is the go-to place for wedding shopping in the city. The hand-crafted lac bangles mentioned earlier are produced in local workshops and embellished with glittering, colourful stones. The shops here also stock brass and silver bangles studded with pearls. It’s a place worth exploring and visiting at leisure. It is one of the oldest markets which stocks Kalamkari paintings, bidriware and silverware.

Ittra Bazaar

Hyderabad’s perfume market is located between Laad Bazaar and Moti Chowk, near Charminar. A row of shops sell ittar or locally-produced perfumes packed in small and transparent glass vials. Unlike alcohol-based perfumes, these are made with a base of sandalwood oil, in fragrances like musk, jasmine and rose. You can also head to the family run-shop Hyderabad Perfumers in Patergatty near Charminar. It sure smells good!

Antique Bazaar

If you are looking for antique items, this is the place to go. From quaint chandeliers to unique crockery, from wooden chests to replicas of monuments, you’d find all the unique and antique items in Antique Market. You can see these shops near Murgi Chowk, close to the Charminar.


Begum Bazaar

Rich both in history and the collection of goods that are sold here, Begum Bazaar is a must-visit for a shopping spree in Hyderabad. From tobacco to house hold goods and everything in between, this market that traces its history back to about 150 years and it wouldn’t let you down with any of your needs.

Pot Bazaar

This market in Secunderabad is a hub for jewellery-both real and artificial, along with vegetables and garments. You will see people from different socio-economic backgrounds interacting with each other, if for nothing else but for a bangle to shift from the seller to the buyer. These places for street shopping in Hyderabad would be the ideal places to enjoy that Hyderabad spirit and vocabulary, not to mention the tone, accent and much more.


Nampally is a prominent shopping area in Hyderabad that can’t be missed if you want your shopping to be diverse. The annually held Numisha, one of the biggest exhibitions of Indian produce has its home here. And if you visit the region during that time (1st Jan to 15th Feb), you’ll find just about any conceivable product to buy. For the rest of the year, well, there is still a lot to be bought from here.


Located in a pretty bungalow, this designer store offers Indian ethnic wear by well-known designers such as Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Arora. These include wedding wear such as Ghaghara, saris and anarkalis, to casual clothing, bags and purses, and a collection of jewellery from Amrapalli. Go shop to your heart’s content!


Abids is the major commercial hub in the city. If you want to drape yourself in some sensuous sarees this is the place to flock to.

Koti Sultan Bazaar

Koti Sultan Bazaar is 200 years old in which business worth crores is done daily. It is very famous since the time of the British rule then called as Residency bazaar, then after the control of the Nizam it was called as Sultan Bazaar. It houses most items you would want to shop for. As you shop through the day, don’t forget the precious pearls Hyderabad and Secunderabad are known for, and also sample the Hyderabadi Biryani and Baghare Baingan, for they are world famous indigenous gourmet delights of the twin cities.
Go berserk girl, because you are worth it!