C. S. Lewis has rightly said, “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” Similarly, moving on in life after getting dumped or rejected is very tough especially when the person you have to get dethatched with was the apple of your eyes at some point of time. Fusion Life Team with the help of experts guides you to pick up the broken pieces of your life and to move on.

Another year is going to end and you are still cribbing on a relationship that ended early this year or last year? “Why can’t I get over it and start afresh? “ Is that one question that keeps on haunting you always? Fret not as we give you ample ways to throw away all the baggage and to move on in life.
You have broken up recently or way before but there is a part of him/her left inside you and the baggage is not letting you to move on. In spite of the other person moving on in life, you still wish to get back in life. You have that constant fear that you won’t find anyone like your ex, Ms. Charnita Arora, Happiness Coach and Founder at PerfectLifeSpot speaks on the matter and explains, “The fear of being lonely is one of the most common factors that makes people continue in a dysfunctional relationship. Unfortunately, such a relationship drains both the partners. It makes dissatisfaction and discontent as the norm. Ironically, they end up experiencing more isolation and loneliness while in a relationship than they would have alone. Also, most cultures tag words like “eternal” with a relationship. This particularly makes a lot of people believe that they would never experience love again. In reality, there are innumerable possibilities of love waiting for you, once you decide to take a decision out of self-love rather than self-suffocation.”
Getting cheated upon or getting dumped leaves a big scar on the person’s mind and ego. The person feels devastated and his credibility and self worth goes for a toss. Renowed psychologist Mrs Anuja Kapur clarifies and says, “Cheating in any relationship leaves a very big impact on the personality of the person. The persona of the person changes after the betrayal. The person doesn’t want to trust anyone and is scared to go near or try to move out of the comfortable zone. They believe there is no one in this cruel world that could understand them or love them. They have to stop believing that the world has come to an end. The life doesn’t finish there and you are not a door mat.”
We should make efforts to move on and start living for a better tomorrow. So stop cribbing move on and start living your life to the fullest.