Many a time in this fast paced and sedentary life style of ours, we tend to find solace in the midst of nature. Although, there are plenty of options to fulfill the desire for this serene appetite but what if we could make our very own little space in a corner of our home itself? Yes, that’s very much true and possible and that’s where the concept of balcony gardens comes into picture. By Sushant Bhagat

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The concept of balcony gardens is an upcoming one, due to space crunch in big cities. It is very much in vogue these days. No matter what one does or whatever one’s lifestyle is, a small garden area in your home is where you can rejuvenate yourself and spend some quality time with nature on a one to one basis.
While there are many artistic and innovative things you can do with your own green little space, here are a few tips from us to help you get started with your own little balcony garden:
1. Think of your balcony as an extension of your indoor space. No matter how exotic or coarse your living space is, you can always level up by planting greens in your outdoor space. It is one way of communicating with the nature itself.
2. Build up your confidence by starting small. Always remember, all the good things in life take time to build. Balcony gardens are no exception. Don’t hamper your intentions by straight away targeting big plants as they require high maintenance. Start small and gradually add more plants as you get into the flow of it.
3. Use seasonal additions for variety. There is no harm in going the extra mile and planting a few of the season. Embracing their presence will give you the high you need.
4. Use a top dressing in your containers. There are two reasons to do this. One, the soil in a container or pot dries out way too quickly. Two, having a top dressing such as small pebbles, rocks or anything that your creative mind helps you out with, it serves two purposes, holds moisture and also gives a sense of aristocracy.
5. Variety of options can be explored. There are numerous options for you to start building your green space, here are a few popular choices for you to refer from- Clematis, which is a fragrant creeper and is very therapeutic, Sage plants, that are considered to have high positive vibes, Flax Lily to soothe your soul, Primrose to soothe the soul of your loved ones.
6. All the very best. Let the green thumbs be unwounded!