Won’t you like the fridge telling you to de-frost it? One maybe surprised or can say you’re not in senses. What if the coffee maker reminds you of grinding the seeds? Today, we live in a time where technology has cajoled us to consider it as a boon and we’re making the best use of it. So not only the gadgets like the cell phones and laptops turned smart, even the kitchen appliances got a make-over and they look marvelous.


Internet Fridge
People haven’t heard about these fridges so far hence we will surely tell about them. These can be called as the hybrid refrigerators because of the immense technology they’re loaded with. Such fridges are fitted with an internet system which tracks the record of all the products, allows to order the food when connected with Wi-Fi and is equipped to determine itself whenever to change the cooling settings. Go for one right now!



Induction Cookers
The smart stoves have become a choice in every family and contribute in saving the gas. Very handy and safe to use, induction cookers provide an ease for preparing the food. Just set up the heat level and your meals get ready. The induction element has heating performance comparable to a gas burner, but is significantly more energy-efficient. When it comes to the choice of utensils then be careful friend, only the ferrous metals are the correct choice as they have a flat bottom. Think smart and get them all.



POWERBOT Vacuum Cleaner
The Czar of the mobile bazaar Samsung has a vision for future and that’s why it is the most loved company by the smart brains. The company has launched a vacuum cleaner, hold on ’coz that ain’t an ordinary one. They’ve added the magical effect just like they do in mobiles. This ‘maid’ has on-board sensor cams which help to avoid obstruction and is controlled through a blue-tooth! It’s a handy thing and allows you to clean the house by just sitting at a place. Truly the androids are shifting their shapes.